Thursday, January 16, 2014

First Finish of 2014

Hello everyone!!!! I hope that everyone had a great New Year and that 2014 is going good. So far this year has been going okay. I am still in search of a job with hopes that one comes up so and will help 2014 go smoother than the pass years. Our month has been busy my our son's doctor's appointments. We begin the process of finding out what he is allergic to for his blood test claims he has no allergies but he has all the physical symptoms of having allergies. He is also in the process to being tested of ADD and learning disabilities so that he can receive the proper assistance with his schooling. And we can learn as a family how to help him become the bright kid that is trapped inside.

This year my goal is to focus on current WIPS and not start too many new projects where my current projects are pushed to the side to where they don't get done. I am hoping that I can also finish up some UFO's that are on my list to eventually be completed.

I have finished my first charity square for the year and my first finish for the year at the same time. The square is for Charity Cross-Stitching for Sfpsfc & Sick Children in Need which is a Facebook group where ladies stitch squares that are turned into quilts for children who are stick and also to orphanages in other countries. They are always looking for more stitches and if you can't cross stitch they are always looking for cash donations to help with the funds for materials to finish these beautiful quilts.

Ariel stitched for a little girl who requested a Disney Princess Quilt

I also join the 9-day challenge on cross stitch friends Facebook group. We has from December 24th til January 2nd to stitch as much as we possibly could. I worked on my Qs Porthole Fantasy along with the charity square. I was able to finish up a page on the chart. Which I am so excited about because I only have a page left to the pattern which isn't a full page but she is almost completed.

QS Porthole Fantasy pages 1-5 completed

And here is my progress after the weekend. I am hoping that I will finish up the page this coming weekend.

I hope everyone is have a great 2014 so far and that 2014 is a wonderful year.


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