2014's New Year's Resolution!!!!!!!!!

Life Goals:
  1. Learn to Appreciate what I already have in my life  Still a working progress but I am getting there
  2. Lose 30lbs minimum (starting weight 270) Ending weight for the year is......... 245.2 I did gain some weight due to the holidays unfortunately and I may not have fully reached my goal but I am pleased with the fact that  I have lost 25lbs.
  3. Pass my Boards exam  due to some financial set backs this year I was not able to take my boards exam but I am still working on it.
  4. Start my Career

Crafting Goals
  1. Make stitched cards
  2. Stitch 24 charity squares   I am so thrilled I was able to complete 18 charity  unfortunately one of the groups I stitch charity squares for is closing down so the opportunity to still more squares was limited
  3. Complete 1 UFO
  4. Stitch Brookes Book's advent ornaments (starts in Feb.) I have finally found time to start the advent ornaments. Here is Katie Kitty
  5. Learn a new stitching technique
  6. Explore different dying techniques
  7. Blog every other week (at least once a month min.) well I have not been able to keep up with this goal but will keep on trying next year.
  8. Use my sewing machine  I attempted to use my sewing machine but that attempt was very unsuccessful but with hopes I can make something next year.

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